Cheap Flights and Value


Cheap flights and savings don’t equate to low quality of service or lack of safety. Low-cost airlines that cater to the budgets of the ordinary public do not sacrifice quality of service in reducing the cost of operation.

Safety and Customer Service

Airlines must maintain value of service. If high quality and value are compromised in favor of low price, the airline will not profit. The airlines require consumer approval to remain in operation and the airline that doesn’t satisfy customers will not succeed.

Accordingly, the airlines that advertise cheap flights and that seek to attract customers must maintain a high standard of safety. Customers will avoid unsafe airlines, and low prices cannot compensate for low quality of service and lack of safety.

Value at Low Price

Airlines that remain in business, therefore, engage in the best business practices and operate at the lowest possible cost. How does an airline lower cost and provide cheap flights without compromising value?

Various airlines that provide air travel at bargain prices have adopted a variety of practices to save money and reduce costs. Several cost-cutting stratagems are employed and most of the successful bargain travel airlines use all of them.

Equipment Costs

By eliminating the necessity of providing training for service, maintenance and repair of several different types of aircraft, the bargain travel airlines decrease the costs of operation.

Using several different types of aircraft requires the training of personnel in the use of each type of aircraft and the equipment. The airline company must also make arrangements to purchase several different types of repair parts and replacement parts.

By using one type of high performance aircraft for airline travel, the bargain travel airline makes low-cost travel possible. The airlines utilize the savings to lower ticket costs and attract customers searching for low airfares.

Personnel and Cheap Flights

Most passengers bring luggage with them, and bargain travel airlines benefit by adding charges for handling the luggage of passengers and by limiting flights and the necessity of baggage handling.

A flight without stops and transfers is a flight that eliminates additional baggage handling. The bargain-price airline that employs this cost-cutting strategy reduces the labor of baggage handlers who will not have to transfer luggage between flights.

More Airline Savings

Cheap flights are also made possible by the airlines utilizing airports that are smaller and less expensive for aircraft landings. The smaller airports are often conveniently located and passengers reach their destination via a less expensive plane ticket.

Fuel is another expense that affects ticket price. The price of fuel is not constant and may vary considerably. Airlines try to arrange contracts and negotiate for fuel prices that maintain a steady fixed price.

Fixed Price and Airline Fuel

To ensure a fixed price for a certain amount of time, airlines and their fuel supplier determine the price that the airline will pay for fuel and the price remains fixed. If the price goes up the airlines saves money.

If the price of fuel goes down, the fuel corporation benefits from the airlines paying the higher fixed price. The bargain travel airline must try to predict the rise and fall in fuel prices and plan accordingly.

First Class Seating

Bargain price airlines provide economy seating and often eliminate first class and business class seating altogether. The elimination of first class seating and the elimination of the attendant maintenance costs help to reduce the overall cost of flight.

Cheap flights are made possible by anticipating fuel costs, appealing to customers, meeting high standards, utilizing direct flights and minimizing baggage handling. The bargain price airline uses all these strategies to provide cheap flights with value.


Finding the Best Airline Travel Deals


We are all hearing some pretty strange stories about how the airlines are charging people these days. I just recently heard about an airline that is considering laying their passengers and pricing their tickets accordingly. That’s pretty drastic stuff in my book, but then again, maybe it is justified. In any event, booking airline tickets can become a pretty expensive proposition.

But we as customers of the airlines have a way to fight back. And what I mean by fighting back is shopping smart and saving money. Whether you’re traveling on business or for personal reasons there is no excuse not to be able to find the best airline travel deals. It is a simple matter of knowing where to look and then actually doing your homework by searching out the best airfares. It is not at all difficult and in my opinion, well worth the effort.

I personally like to use the Internet to shop and compare airline travel deals. There are literally dozens and dozens of websites that are independent of the airlines and are therefore not beholden to them. What that means is that it is in their best interest to show you the very best airfares available.

Some of these websites can be a little bit intimidating at first but you will soon find that they are actually quite easy to navigate. They can actually be quite enjoyable once you get the hang of them. I see travel websites as treasure maps and it is up to me to find the treasure, which in this case are exceptional airline travel deals.

What you will find is that these travel sites usually offer a whole lot more than just airline tickets and information. Many of them offer package deals that include hotels, car rentals and visits to attractions such as theme parks and museums. Actually makes perfect sense doesn’t it? The bottom line is that you can get great airfares as a part of a travel package.

Another excellent alternative is booking last minute flight reservations. Usually to find the best deals you have to book your flight well in advance. But a little known secret is that if you are flexible enough and can travel at the last minute there are some great deals to be had. Airlines faced with last-minute cancellations will price their tickets to sell as opposed to having those seats go empty and the airline not making any money on them.

If you do find a great deal on last minute cheap flights then you must be prepared to travel at odd times. Usually what happens is that the airlines have most of their empty seats during their red-eye flights. But for my money, traveling at odd hours of the morning and night is an inconvenience that is more than compensated for by the savings enjoyed for the airline tickets.

I have personally had great success and save a lot of money by doing my comparison shopping online and taking advantage of those great airline travel deals that are available. They are out there believe me, you just need to know where to look.


Air Taxi-Air Charter – What’s the Difference in Pricing?


The term “air taxi” refers to an aircraft service that provides transport to people in an on demand basis. That is you can take a flight in a private jet when you want to go rather than booking a trip that was previously scheduled. Air charter is a form of air taxi but a new class of aircraft and new business models are re-defining “air taxi” to mean something less expensive than traditional charter. The idea behind an air taxi system is that the aircraft operator will be able to reduce the number of empty flights that the airplane has to make.

Air Charter:

Let’s say you book a flight on a Cessna Citation S/II (CE-S550). This light jet might rent for an hourly rate anywhere from $1,500 to $3,100 depending on the age of the aircraft, amenities and operator qualifications. For our purposes we’ll assume a typical rate of $2,000 per hour. This price includes the costs associated with operating the aircraft such as pilot salary and fuel costs but does not include some extra charges that may add considerably to your expenses such as:

Taxes – generally 7.5% of the total price.

Repositioning fees – Let’s say you want to fly out of Santa Monica, California but the aircraft is located in San Diego. The aircraft operator would need to send the airplane empty to pick you up and then return it empty to San Diego after dropping you off in Santa Monica at the end of the trip. This repositioning adds expense to the operator’s bottom line and is generally added to your cost at a reduced hourly rate.

Overnight and waiting fees – Let’s say your trip is to fly from Santa Monica to Las Vegas returning on the same day. Your pilots would wait for you for several hours and you’d be charged an hourly rate for the pilots’ time. If your trip calls for an overnight stay you may be charged for the pilots’ hotel rooms and overnight parking fees for the aircraft. These charges will vary depending on local rates.

Daily minimum charge – Most aircraft operators have a two-hour minimum operation charge for charter aircraft. If you need to go on a flight that takes one hour each direction and you complete both legs of the trip in one day then you meet the minimum use requirement and you would only need to pay for the two hours you use the aircraft that day. If, on the other hand, your trip is scheduled to fly one hour on Friday and then return for the one hour trip on Saturday then you would likely be charged for two hours on Friday and two hours on Saturday for a total of four hours, even though the aircraft only flew for two hours total. This industry standard practice is in place for the “time is money” principle. Aircraft incur expense even when they are just sitting idle.

Air Taxi:

There are two distinct pricing structures in the air taxi model that might be used and each aircraft operator would make their own determination as to which they would employ, Entire Aircraft or Per Seat:

Entire Aircraft – Again we’ll use the Cessna Citation S/II for this example but the hourly rate will be higher than the air charter rate; let’s say about $2,500 per hour for this example but you won’t be charged for repositioning, overnight, waiting landing or other charges. It will be a simple per hour price for a pickup and drop-off. After you are dropped off the aircraft may take another client on a trip. Your return trip may be in the same aircraft or it may be in a different aircraft or even a different company. This sort of air taxi service may only be available between certain airports that have enough traffic to keep the aircraft gainfully employed.

Per Seat – The Citation S/II has 7 passenger seats available. If they make a flight with fewer than 7 passengers onboard the operator would lose money if they divide the fare by the number of seats. So they will fix their pricing in one of two ways:

1) Divide the entire price by the number of passengers actually onboard the aircraft for each flight. Let’s say you are traveling with two colleagues and there is another group of two that will travel on this flight with you for a total of five passengers. The price for a seat would be $2,500 / 5 = $500 per seat. If your group were the only ones on the airplane then the per-seat hourly rate would be: $2,500 / 3 = $833 per seat.

2) Divide the entire price by the average number of passengers the operator carries on each trip. Let’s say the operator has been flying the SMO to LAS route for some time and they have determined that they can routinely get an average of 2.9 passengers for each flight they make. If the operator uses this pricing strategy they would charge you $2,500 / 2.9 = $862 per seat per hour. This would be the same price regardless of the number in your party.

Per seat pricing would only be available between limited city pairs that have the volume of traffic to keep the aircraft filled with paying passengers. If you want to fly to an airport outside the per seat network of cities you would probably need to charter the entire aircraft as per seat pricing would not likely be available.

It’s all about efficiency:

The emerging air taxi business model brings more efficiency to the air charter model. Less waste will equate to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, more productivity and lower end costs. Air taxi is expected to become more available and less expensive as Very Light Jets (VLJs) are produced and made available for air charter and air taxi flights. These aircraft promise to provide services at 20% to 40% discounts from existing light jet aircraft such as the one in the example. As of this writing there have been about 100 VLJs produced and a handful of them have found their way into air taxi businesses along the east coast and Chicago area. But that’s another story.


Benefits of Low Cost Airlines


The changing economy has brought a sea change in airline operations across India as air travel is becoming increasingly affordable. Budget travelers, who formerly chose trains over flights, can now opt for air travel without pinching their pickets. Statistics show that the share of low-cost carriers (LCCs) has risen significantly in recent years, mainly because corporate travelers are shifting to LCCs because of the economic slowdown. In an attempt to get back these customers, airline operators have introduced low cost airways. Full service carriers have no way to reduce their prices, meaning that the only strategy is to launch all-economy flights or move their flights to the low-cost wing. Nevertheless, the move seems to be beneficial for consumers as discussed below.

The biggest advantage of low-cost airlines is that the common consumer or rather the budget traveler can look forward to travel by air. Air travel is no longer a dream for the common man. Low-cost air services do not involve expensive frills, such as complimentary food and drinks. Instead, customers can purchase their meals and refreshments on board. They have a broad range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, snacks and drinks to choose from. Some airlines even allow passengers to carry their food along. Low-cost airlines also enable customers to get low fares under premium brands. Many offer shuttling services including air-conditioned buses to carry their customers to the aircraft.

Though frequent flier benefits are not available with all LCCs, some airways provide these benefits, allowing customers to earn miles and redeem them easily. While most premium airlines focus on metro cities, LCCs have extended air connectivity to two-tier cities as well. The all-economy services of LCCs cover short routes involving cities, such as Kochi, Coimbatore, Madurai, in addition to major cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Hyderabad. In fact, this initiative of low fare air services is a new trend in the airlines industry. Yet another advantage is that consumers can book their tickets online. They can compare ticket rates and learn the price difference to optimize their economic benefits. They can use secure online portals to book, pay and print their tickets in minutes. Mobile ticketing options are an added convenience as consumers can book their tickets and check the flight status on the move.

According to aviation forecasts, low-cost carriers in India will take over more than half the domestic market share. The disadvantages of budget air travel are few. For instance, customers may have to compromise on some leg space due to rather crammed seats and luxury services. LCCs may not allow flexible transit between different airlines or carriers. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, as evident from the quick pace at which LCCs are gaining their market share. In a nutshell, low-cost airlines offer quality service, reliable operations and standard services.


Flights to Goa From Mumbai


Goa the smallest state of India has a domestic airport at Diabolism. There are numerous flights arrive and leave to some important cities in India like Mumbai. Diabolism airport is situated near the well known city of Vasco ad Gama and it is at a distance of 30kms from Panaji, the capital city of Goa.

Below are mentioned some of the flights which land in Goa from Mumbai. All the flights are re-confirmed 72hrs before the departure time. #The passengers are requested to check with individual airlines about the latest up to date and current information. The flying time from the Mumbai city to Goa is approximately of 1 hour. These flights offer different classes i.e. Economical Class, Executive and Business.

Air India

Air travel number AI 666 flies from Mumbai to Goa on Thursday. The flight departs from Mumbai airport at 10:55am and arrives at Goa at 12:00.

Air travel number AI662 flies from Mumbai to Goa on Monday. The flight departs from Mumbai airport at 12:15p.m and arrives at Goa at 13:20p.m.

Indian Airlines

IC 593 Flight number, flies from Mumbai to Goa twice a week on Thursday and Sunday. The departure of the flight takes place at 12:10p.m from Mumbai Airport and it arrives at Goa at 13:20p.m.

Air travel number IC 163 flies everyday from Mumbai city at 12:25p.m and reaches Goa at 1:25p.m.

IC 597 Flight number flies thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It flies from Mumbai Airport at 16:00hrs and reaches Goa at 17:00hrs.

Jet Airways

9W 471 Flight number flies only on Saturday from Mumbai airport at 2:15p.m and arrives to Goa at 3:15p.m.

9W 479 Flight number takes off to Goa every day except Sunday. It flies from Mumbai at 6:30a.m. and reaches Goa at 7:30a.m.

Sahara Airlines

S2 910 Flight number, flies everyday from Mumbai at 4:10p.m and arrives Goa at 5:10p.m

Flight number S2219 takes off every day from Mumbai at 12:05p.m and arrives Goa at 13:05p.m.

Air Deccan

Flight number DN 317 takes off every day from Mumbai at 05:25hrs and arrives Goa at 06:50hrs.

Spice Jet

Air travel number OS 259 flies everyday from Mumbai at 4:15p.m and reaches Goa at 5:15p.m.

Kingfisher Airlines

The Air travel number IT 306 of kingfisher Airlines flies everyday from Mumbai at 12:10p.m and reaches Goa at 13:10p.m

Air travel number IT310 takes off every day from Mumbai at 2:50p.m and arrives Goa at 3:50p.m.

One can avail online booking facilities for Flights to Goa From Mumbai.


How To Find Super Cheap Airline Tickets


With the cost of air travel on the increase, many people are currently paying more than you should do for their airline tickets. In order for you to travel comfortably within your budget, it is vital that you learn how to find super cheap airline tickets.

Use travel search engines to find yourself the best air travel deals, remember to use multiple online travel agency websites. These websites will search the best deals on the market for you, if you are flexible then you can make huge savings on the cost of your air travel.

In order to get super cheap airline tickets, you should always make note of the prices. You can use online websites in order to keep up to date with the change in price of air tickets and also to find the dates and times of the cheapest flights.

You must subscribe to the airline websites, sign up their newsletters and as a subscriber you will be eligible to receive details of any special offers the airlines have during the year. Another step you should take is to give the airlines a call and ask them if they have any special offers which are not published on their website.

If you know someone who is a frequent flyer or someone who works in the travel industry, then ask them for some tips. These people will often have the knowledge and can share with you ways to get super cheap airline tickets.

When you decide to book your flight, always check with the company whether you may be entitled to any other special discounts. Remember to consider package deals, which usually include the cost of your plane tickets and hotels, these deals can sometimes give you massive savings.


Five Reasons Why You Should Work For the Travel and Tourism Industry


The travel and tourism industry is a massive global industry that caters for the needs of those who have to travel away from home in terms of providing facilities and services like hotel accommodation, air and road transport. Close to a billion people are involved in international travel in this industry which generates billions of dollars every year. Sometimes making a decision on which industry to work for can be quite hard given the many options available today across the globe. Below are five reasons why you should consider working in the travel and tourism industry.

1. There are lots of work opportunities. The travel and tourism industry has a lot of opportunities employment for those seeking employment. You can work in the aviation sector, road, rail and water transport, accommodation providers like hotels and lodges, leisure and business travel agents and tour guides. It is now also possible to work from home thanks to technology which is convenient for some people like mums who have a child or children and do not want to be far away from home.

2. The perks are good. The travel industry provides rewards that not many other industries do. For example those working in the airline industry can get free tickets for themselves and immediate family members to fly to any destination that the airline they work for flies to. Those who work as travel agents can get reduced travel fares and even pay reduced accommodation rates. Then there are the familiarization trips that those who work in the industry have the opportunity to take. Just think of an all expenses paid trip to places like the Seychelles, France, the Kenyan coast of Mombasa to name just a few.

3. It is a growing industry. In spite of the recent downturn because of the threat of terrorism and the world recession, travel industry players are optimistic about its growth. In good times and bad times people always get the urge to move. And with more and more places becoming accessible because of air travel and with both air travel and hotel rates coming down in order to accommodate peoples pocket there is reason to believe that the travel industry will continue to grow and more markets will be reached which is good news for service providers. Furthermore technology like the internet has made it possible to access markets anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

4. It is never boring. Working in the industry almost means that you will meet new people from time to time. This is especially true for those who work as frontline staff in travel agencies, airline offices or hotels. Those who work in the airline industry as flight attendants have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, visit different towns and cities and see and experience different cultures. That can never be a boring job.

5. You do not need years of studying to work in the industry. You may love a certain profession but because of the years of studying involved in learning it you may be discouraged from joining it. Not so with the travel and tourism industry. Three to six months may be enough depending on what qualification you are studying for to get you started working for this exciting industry. Some people because of their love for the work and experience gained in certain areas of the industry have even started working and studied for the paper qualifications later.


Flights From JFK to Tokyo – Travel Guide to Finding Airfare and Flying to Narita or Haneda


If you have to fly all the way to Japan from the US, NYC is one of the most popular departure cities. Today, there are dozens of airlines offering flights from JFK to Tokyo. Whether it’s a business trip, family vacation, romantic getaway, or personal leisure, discount airfare is available online.

The distance between JFK and the Narita International Airport is a whopping 6,728 miles. You’re going to be on a long flight, no matter which airline you choose. It’s in your best interest to choose one that will help make you as comfortable as possible. The fastest plane ride for this route is just around 14 hours. There is also a 14-hour time zone difference.

This is a highly trafficked route, so you’ll have tons of options. Some of the many airlines that currently offer flights from JFK to Tokyo include:

• British Airways

• China Airlines

• Aeromexico

• Malaysia Airlines

• United Airlines

• American Airlines

• Swiss International

• Cathay Pacific

• Japan Airlines

• Delta

• Korean Air

Of these, American Airlines offers the most flights, although their fares aren’t always the lowest. Philippines Airlines and China Eastern Airlines offer some pretty cheap airfare.

You can usually cut the price down considerably if you select a flight with one or two stops. Pudong (Shanghai) and Taipei in Taiwan are two popular stops for connecting flights. Some flights stop on the West Coast of the US in Los Angeles for a connection.

Other Destination Airports in Flights from JFK to Tokyo

Not all international flights to Tokyo land at the Narita airport. You might find a better deal if you want to arrive at Haneda. Regardless of which airline and airport you choose, the cheapest times to fly to Japan are in the months of January, September, and October. The rates increase considerably in the months of June and December.

It’s usually cheaper if you depart on an evening flight than a morning flight. You should book at least two weeks in advance in order to get a below-average fare on your plane ticket.

Getting to your hotel from the airport can be very confusing if you can’t read Japanese signs. It’s for the best that you carefully look over a map of the airport and learn about transfers to downtown Tokyo. There are several hotels that offer free airport shuttle as well. Consider booking a hotel with your airfare at the same time to make things more convenient.

Take advantage of helpful search tools to find flights from JFK to Tokyo, and compare the rates.

Where will you be able to find the most affordable flights from JFK to Tokyo? At Expedia, the #1 travel discount site in the world. Just search for flights and look over the rates, fees, terms and conditions. When booking the trip. use Expedia promotional codes to save even more money.


Flights From JFK to LAS: Overview of the Airlines, Route, and Ticket Prices


Vegas is one of the most popular vacation cities in the world. Every year, millions of people flock to the city and stay at one of the many infamous casino resorts. Those flying from the East Coast will often select NYC as their departure city. This is because flights from JFK to LAS tend to be pretty affordable. You can use online search tools to compare airfare prices.

The approach is pretty simple. You just enter the destination, select the dates, and then get a list of prices from all the different airlines. There is usually an option to search for hotels in addition to the airfare if you want to bundle the prices together. If you are flexible with the dates, you stand a better chance of getting a good deal.

The average duration of this particular flight is 5 hours and 25 minutes. The distance is 2,243 miles and multiple airlines offer a direct flight. September is usually the cheapest month to fly to Las Vegas and May and June are usually the most expensive months to fly. It’s recommended to book flights from JFK to LAS at least two weeks in advance to ensure a below-average pricing.

Since this is a popular flight route between two major cities, a number of airlines offer multiple trips every single day. Delta and Jetblue offer the most flights per day, followed by Virgin Atlantic. Other airlines you might want to check with include Delta, Alaska Airlines, Sun Country, and American Airlines. Some flights have at least one stop in cities like Phoenix, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Charlotte.

Lowering the Cost of Flights from JFK to LAS

Air travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Just use travel price comparison sites to help you find a good deal. If you’re not familiar with these airports, look at a map online beforehand. Where are the terminals located? Where is the parking lot at JFK, and the ground transportation area at McCarran International?

Speaking of which, you can book a car rental in Vegas in addition to booking your flight. All of the rental car companies like Alamo, Enterprise, Payless, Avis, Budget, and Hertz operate at the McCarran Rent-a-Car Center, which is located about three miles away, and can be accessed via the dedicated shuttle. There are also plenty of other ground transportation options if you don’t want to drive yourself. Just take a shuttle, taxi, bus, or even a limousine to your resort.

When searching for flights from JFK to LAS, try to leave on a weekday to avoid any weekend surcharge. Avoid flying during a major holiday as the price will go way up. Check out hotel rates as well and see if any airfare + hotel discounts are available for your trip.

Online discounts are all you need to save on airfare and a hotel in Las Vegas. The search tools are very easy to use and intuitive. Before you book your flight, however, check and see if any coupons for flights from JFK to LAS are available.


Tips to Get Ready For an Air Ambulance Flight


If you are going to travel for some medical needs, such as medical tourism or medical treatment, you may consider air ambulance for safe and comfortable journey.

It can take some time to get ready for an air ambulance fight. But a reliable service provider will provide all the assistance you need throughout the process. For best care and peace of mind, we suggest that you follow the tips given below for better preparation.

Decide on Your Destination

For specialized care and fair prices, try your level best to look for the best destination. Air ambulances that travel internationally may be your best choice in this case. Aside from this, you can talk to your medical professional for recommendations.

Know More About Air Ambulance Providers

Here, it’s important to realize that the service you choose to travel is as important as the health care professional you choose for your treatment. Before you choose a service, here are some important considerations to make.


Good service providers are accredited by CAMTs, which is responsible for regulating and overseeing medical transport service providers.


Based on your travel needs, you need to choose the right aircraft.

Clinicians and providers

Patients may have health problems while they are on the way on an aircraft. So, it’s important to find out about the type of health care staff that will be on the plane on each flight. Most aircraft have respiratory therapists in addition to an experienced nurse.

Important Documents

Make sure you hand over your important medical documents to your air ambulance service. Without the documents, you may not be able to get the health care you need.

Apart from the medical files, make sure you provide your non-expired passport as well. Make sure you get these documents ready a few days ahead of the flight date to enjoy a great air ambulance experience.


On an air ambulance, different types of medical equipment is also there to monitor patients and help health care providers deal with medical emergencies that may arise. So, there won’t be a lot of room for luggage. Therefore, be sure to take the stuff that you need.

The things you may want to pack include documents, clothing, snacks, books and other stuff that you may need for entertainment.

Ground Transportation

Last but not least, it’s important to keep in mind that an air ambulance will pick you up from one airport and land you on another. Therefore, you may want to look for a good ground transport so you can reach your destination from the airport you landed on. Often, the air ambulance provider may help you make arrangements for this transportation for you.

But make sure you talk to them ahead of time for best care possible. It may take them a while to arrange for the transport for you.

Long story short, if you are going to fly on an air ambulance for the first time, it may seem a difficult undertaking to you. However, if you have a solid plan in place, your trip can be as smooth as possible, and you won’t have to go through any trouble.