Booking International Air Tickets With the Top 2 Carriers


It is been decades since the first commercial flight was operated in the clear blue skies. Since then, it has undergone plethora of changes, including technological as well as managerial aspects. As the cost of setting up airlines services requires millions of dollars, the number of air service providers was quite low in the past few decades. However, with the advancement in technology and convenience in raising organised funds, new entrepreneurs started their own carriers in the recent years. This is the reason that the number of options for air tickets international has also increased significantly. Supply is increased only on the basis of demand in the market. The launch of new carriers in the aviation market testified increasing demand for air travel.

Brief History

One of the most preferred modes of transportation, air travel is the fastest way to travel across cities, states and continents. The concept of commercial flight came in light with a hot air balloon, which was designed by Montgolfier brothers in the year 1783. However, this balloon could only travel downwind back then. Later, engineers came up with a steerable balloon in 1784, and the first model of the modern aircraft was designed by Sir George Cayley in 1799. However, the first powered and controlled airplane was operated by the Wright Brothers in 1903. When compared to those models, the ones operated in present are way too advanced as far as design is concerned. Along with aircraft, the aviation market also underwent significant changes in a period of over a century. Unlike 1950s and 60s, travellers can choose from over 100 service providers to book cheap international flights. Here is a list of the top 3 carriers that can be considered while making reservations. All these carriers listed down below are among the largest airlines in the world, on the basis of total revenue.

American Airlines Group

Operating under the company name American Airlines Group Inc, this group is a result of merger between AMR Corporation and US Airways. It handles operation of more than 6700 flight every day that connect 336 destinations all across the globe. Be it Chennai, Colombo, Mumbai or Charlotte, travellers can make reservations with this carrier or any of its associates for a convenient journey. This group owns a fleet of around 607 aircraft, out of which 517 are narrow-bodied. As soon as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) assigned single operating certificate to these carriers on April 08, 2015, the integration was completed.


Deutsche Lufthansa AG, simply referred as Lufthansa or Lufthansa German Airlines is the largest airline in Europe. With a fleet size of 280 aircraft, this airline serves over 200 destinations in the world. It is known for offering top-notch services and modern amenities during the journey. In addition to offering air tickets international under the name Lufthansa, this company also owns stakes in other airlines, such as Austrian Airlines, Germanwings, Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa Technik. It is worth mentioning that this airline was one of the five founding members of the Star Alliance.