How to Make Your Air Travel Easier!


If you are a traveler, as I am, the Rimowa Salsa Multiwheel Trolley is a great investment for a piece of luggage. I have traveled a lot over the years, for business and pleasure. I originally traveled with soft cases, but with the way airlines handle luggage, I would end up having to replace them much too often. The corners would get damaged, the fabric would get torn or fray on the edges, wheels would break, I would have things missing from my bags, and I could go on and on.

After all of that, I decided to go to a hard case (mind you this has been years ago), the cases were heavy, the locks didn’t always work, couldn’t keep up with the keys, etc. I wish I had known about Rimowa Luggage back then.

Today, with all the airline security and weight limitations, we are forced to really look at the type of luggage we carry. This is why I really like the Rimowa Salsa Multiwheel Trolley. It is ultra-light weight, which is a huge plus with the weight limitations these days. I can actually carry more of my own items than I could with my old luggage.

Then there is the locking feature. The Rimowa Suitcase comes with a built in locking system, and it is a combination lock. Also has the TSA lock built right in. This way I can lock my luggage when I check in and not have to worry about things disappearing.

Another great thing I like about this luggage is its durability. The case is made of 100% polycarbonate and will actually “give” if put under a lot of pressure. However, once the pressure is released, it goes right back to its original shape.