Bringing Fido on Vacation – How to Travel With Your Dog on an Airplane


If you are a pet especially dog lover you can not afford to depart for vacations without your favourite pet. I have some very important things to share with you while planning a travel with your Fido. Prior to leaving for travel you must have medically checked your dog by an authorised veterinary medical officer and should posses its fitness certificate and to be valid for next ten days. It is also necessary that your dog must be healthy, vaccinated, and free from infectious diseases.

Your pet can not bear the excessive temperatures, either high or low. You will have to check and decide to travel or not if temperature rises over 85 degrees or under 35 degrees, on even end of the flight. Various airlines, to facilitate you and for the safety of your pet, have their rules barring dog air travel during the summer and winter months according to climate and temperatures. Some of them completely ban and prohibit dog air travel during these times.

Before traveling and booking reservations, learn the laws, requirements, and procedures of your particular destination pertaining to your pet. So that to avoid any mishap, as some countries, such as New Zealand and England, quarantine animals arriving by air.

Tranquilization can benefit your pet during canine air travel. But it may cause some mishap also. As the tranquilizers is the leading cause of sickness of dogs during air travel even resulting to their death. Please also keep in mind that a dog can’t receive immediate first aid or professional medical facility during air travel, so unnecessary medications can create troubles. Many airliners have laid down their regulations to reject tranquilized pets as a safety precaution.

Trained pet dog prove to be best air travelers and ensure a good flight. Pets have to remain alone even short air travels. The hours of separation between owners and their dogs can also cause some mishap. So the trained and strain free pets are always prove to be best travelers.

In case you a have a bigger pet, it will be better to keep your large size dog in shipping crate for the entire flight. You can make your dog relaxed with this practice by getting him used to being inside a travel crate for a longer time. You can also train your dog to be friendlier with strangers to avoid some mishap.