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Best Mobile Travel Apps for That Awesome Road Trip
Road Trippers – The Allstate Blog list this app at the top of its most recent list of great road trip apps. It's free and easy to use, the blog reports. "Select the kinds of sights you want to see, and this mobile app designs a route specifically for …

NASA scientist thinks lasers could cut the trip to Mars down to 30 minutes
The concept of using laser propulsion to speed up the trip to Mars emerged last year as Lubin worked on NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. He suggests that a tiny unmanned spacecraft with a one-meter laser sail, which he named …
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Taxpayers pick up tab for township's 000 trip to South Carolina
Thornton Township spent $ 46,000 on a September fact-finding trip to South Carolina, where officials campaigned for a southern church to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and spoke to community members about peace in the wake of a church shooting there, …
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